Facebook Friend Notifier

Facebook Friend Notifier 2.1

The download is no longer available for your computer’s security. Why not consider these alternatives?

Be alerted when someone decides to un-friend you on Facebook.

Be alerted when someone decides to un-friend you on Facebook.

Facebook Friend Notifier is a light-weight client that sits in your system tray and will alert you when your Friend List has changed. Changes to your Friend List include the addition or removal of Friends. Even if one of your Friends deletes their Facebook profile, Friend Notifier will notify you about these changes as well! There's no need to stay logged in to Facebook or to continually refresh your profile to spot changes. Facebook Friend Notifier will check your Friend List periodically and alert you to changes. After installing, just use Facebook as usual. You’ll know Friend Notifier is running when you see it listed on your Windows notification area.

As a very lightweight client, Facebook Friend Notifier is easy to use. There's no need to continually log into Facebook and refresh your profile to recognize when your Friend List has changed.

Facebook Friend Notifier is great for those of you who don't always want to open your browser and log onto Facebook to check your profile. Rather, through unobtrusive balloon style alerts, you'll know when you're Friend List has changed and you can